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As top attorneys we have 20 years construction law experience.

As real estate brokers and general contractors, we know every angle.

Mediation to litigation, we solve the hard problems.

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Top Construction Law Attorneys

Our team of attorneys has decades of experience with construction problems.


Mediation to Litigation

We defend your legal rights. We protect your contract, your project, and your peace of mind.


Construction experts

And also real estate brokers and general contractors. We have the experience. We know every angle.


Your specific issue resolved

Effective representation to solve your unique construction legal challenge.

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Your construction law challenge is unique. We create a winning strategy no matter what specific problems. Here are a few of the construction law areas we excel in.



The language and meaning or the execution of the contract is the challenge. We examine the contract, the stakeholders, and the situation. Then we resolve the dispute.

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Construction defect

We determine the nature of the failure and the scope of responsibility. Salient factors are considered and weighed. Every move is a step to resolve the conflict.


Construction delay

We analyze the claims, evidence, and best resolution to proceed to a fast and acceptable resolution.


Change Orders

We help clarify common practices and standards. We lead with skills to identify and rectify difficult issues towards satisfactory agreement between two parties.



We establish the benchmark for industry standards. We apply reasonable criteria to legal guidelines. The goal is timely resolution of core legal conflict.

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